How to Update/Upgrade Samsung SSD firmware in Linux/Ubuntu

The Issue

  • Updating / Upgrading the Samsung SSD firmware in Windows failed
  • We don’t have Windows but we want to update/upgrade the Samsung SSD firmware
  • Samsung SSD firmware update/upgrade stuck at boot screen (“Press any key to continue…”)

The Answer

Note: Before we start, we need to make sure the URL for downloading the firmware is correct. Alternatively, we can manually download the firmware (iso) file, then copy it to the necessary location with the correct name (file.iso)

If we have a direct download link, we can replace the following URL

We can save the following script to then chmod +x, then execute it, or we can just manually execute the commands line-by-line

apt-get -y install gzip unzip wget cpio
mkdir -p /tmp/samsung/rootfs/mnt
wget -O /tmp/samsung/file.iso $iso_url
mount /tmp/samsung/file.iso /tmp/samsung/rootfs/mnt/
cd /tmp/samsung/rootfs
gzip -dc /tmp/samsung/rootfs/mnt/initrd | cpio -idv --no-absolute-filenames
cp -r /tmp/samsung/rootfs/root/fumagician/* /tmp/samsung/
umount /tmp/samsung/rootfs/mnt
rm -rf /tmp/samsung/rootfs
rm /tmp/samsung/file.iso
cd /tmp/samsung

Note: If we have manually downloaded the iso file already, we can manually copy it to the necessary location, then continue with the rest of the steps.

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